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Q. What type of care does the nursing home provide?
A. Aras Mhic Shuibhne Nursing Home provides long term care, convalescence, post operative or respite care.
Q. Does the home provide a respite care service?
A. Yes. Respite care is available for periods where there is availability.
Q. Are there nurses on site at all times?
A. Yes there are nurses on duty in the home 24 hours per day.
Q. Is there an activities program?
A. A range of activities are available on a daily basis. Although all interaction with residents accounts for an activity we have a scheduled activity hour from 3pm to 4pm where a care assistant is allocated daily to carry out a scheduled activity.
Q. What are the visiting hours?
A. There are no formal visiting hours as such except for outside of mealtimes - relatives or friends can visit whenever it suits the resident. The centre promotes a home from home culture therefore visiting hours are as they would be in the persons own home.
Q. Can I have a telephone in my room?
A. All rooms are equiped with a telephone connection.
Q. Can I have a television in my room?
A. All rooms have televisions.
Q. Can we bring some of our own furniture?
A. Although all rooms are equipped with furniture; we encourage the resident to recreate their home setting in so facilitating them to bring in any home comforts such as chairs, pictures, their own duvet etc. This makes the transition from home to the centre a little easier and again promoting the ‘home from home’ atmosphere.
Q. How do I launder my clothes?
A. All clothes are laundered in the home by however we do not have services for dry clean only items. At best these can be hand-washed however ideally such items should be taken by family to a facility where they can be dry cleaned.
Q. Can I continue to use my own GP?
A. Yes you can use your own GP, Currently the following GP’s attend the centre.
  Dr Breen, Mountcharles. Dr Drumgole/Kardos/McHardy, Dr O’Kennedy, Dr Mannion, Donegal Town. Dr Garvey/Dr Stack/Dr Doherty, Ballyshannon/Bundoran.
Q. Is a GP available at all times?
A. A GP available round the clock for emergency care on a call out service.
Q. What is the cost?
A. Please contact our admin team Kathleen or May to discuss cost.
Q. Will the Government pay for nursing home costs?
A. The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is a new scheme of financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care. It replaces the Subvention Scheme which was in existence since 1993. Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, you will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance. This applies whether the nursing home is public, private or voluntary. See Nursing Homes Support Scheme for more information.
Q. Can I still go out with family or friends?
A. Yes we encourage residents to go out with friends and family as often as they feel comfortable travelling for day trips or holidays.
Q. I need more information about your nursing home - who do I contact?
A. If you require further information please contact the Director of Nursing, Mairead Gallagher on 0749734810
  Transition from a hospital or community setting will be co-ordinated by the Director of Nursing. Before admission to the centre a visit will be arranged with the resident in so that the centre can ensure the needs of the resident can be catered for. In turn, this also helps as the resident will then see a familiar face when they come in.
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